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Author Topic: FAQ  (Read 2223 times)
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« on: February 27, 2014, 12:18:13 PM »

Q: My score is going up and down, is this normal?
A: Yes, it is normal. Because Pearl Lands Score system is dynamic with your assets. Score= Resources + Cost of Upgrades You've Made + Cost of Units You own + Award Bonuses. It means if you will lose a unit in battle, your score goes down as much as the cost of the unit, or if someone attacks you and steal some resources, your score goes down accordingly. But also goes up if you capture resources in a battle or buying new units or resource pack from store.

Q: So my level can go up and down because of this?
A: Yes, it is possible. Because of your level depends on your score.

Q: I just reached level 6 and I can see Trade Port and Clans now. If I will lose score and level down am I going to lose those pages? Should I reach back to Level 6?
A: No, When you unlock pages which require specific level, even if you level down, they will stay unlocked.

Q: I attacked someone and I lost all my ships, is this normal?
A: Yes, it is normal. Because when you attack someone, your fleet will try to give maximum damage to enemy until all fleet will be destroyed, unless you beat the defender before that happens.

Q: But I didn't lose all my defender units from another incoming attack, even though I lost the battle?
A: That is possible, because we have a defender survival chance. Some of your units might be saved even though you lost the battle.

Q: Can I attack someone at the beginning of the game even if I don't have unit buildings, because I can see that I can buy units in store with Crystal currency?
A: Yes, you can buy units and attack someone without upgrading you unit factories. BUT you will lose your rookie protection by doing that. Level 1-4 users are in rookie protection, that means other players can not attack you yet. But if you will attack someone you will lose that protection.

Q: What is the best strategy for beginners?
A: It's all up to you to choose your path. But we recommend with starting with upgrading all resource buildings to Class 3 at least. This will give you basic resource production. But as anything else in Pearl Lands, this is up to you. Also you start the game with 20 free Crystals and if you will upgrade your resource buildings to Class 1 you will receive extra 3 Crystals because of the award for these actions. That will add up to 29 FREE Crystals. USE them, you can buy more resources to upgrade buildings or buy units. For attack point of view, it is your choice, you can be aggressive, you can be more defensive. You have to find out what kind of leader are you.

Q: It says Pearl is less valuable than Rain and Rain is less valuable than Mana. But at the beginning I feel like I need more Pearl and then Rain and last Mana. How is that?
A: It is normal because early upgrade needs very little Rain and less Mana. You started with 5000 each resources. Since you are not using them often yet, you have more Mana in your pool. But this will change when you level up. Because most of your units will need more Mana to build. Also higher Class Pearl buildings can produce much faster than Rain and Mana Buildings.

Q: Can I get notifications for unit builds or upgrading my buildings via email?
A: You can. Just go to Account page and at the bottom there is a button for editing notifications. You can specify what notifications you want to get.

Q: Can I play Pearl Lands in Facebook with same account? What about phones, do you Pearl Lands app?
A: Yes you can play the game on different platforms with same account. If you started Pearl Lands on our website www.pearllands.com, you can go to Facebook Pearl Lands and click on Existing Player link your account to our Facebook version of the game. It is exactly same game just running inside of the Facebook. We are working on mobile apps for Pearl Lands. We will let you know soon.
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